The aesthetics of cabaret and vaudeville is being used as a stereotype of entertainment. However, the typical show cannot be accomplished. Lucy, the protagonist, is unable to entertain her audience as she is supposed to do. It is precisely from this inability that something new arises, a world full of possibilities for action beyond what is preset, creating an atmosphere where this uncertainty ends up revealing its own beauty.




Handle with care is a show that plays with simple elements, such as cardboard boxes and papers, the plasticity of forms and atmospheres throught movement.

With a suggestive, poetic, visual language, the interaction between the performer and the audience increases through the show, ending up with a shared protagonism and a complete transformation of the space.

Through playfulness and humor, it hightlight the fragility of human being and the need to take care of each other.




Requiem for a landscape is a resulting performance from a research on body, movement and presence that began in 2017. This research has the name of Atlantis + the current year. Thus, the title is updated every year, highlighting the the procedural nature of the work that constantly confronts itself to the present moment.

The main axis of work is body memory, especially in relation to the territory, addressing not only the personal memory, but also all the inherited and collective memory. It is a proposal of immersion, reaching depths where fiction and reality are no longer discernible. From the exposed body, it looks for an access to the denied collective memory, the collective subconscious that has been buried. A memory that connects with the cruelty and violence of the human being, and that does so from pain and pleasure, from destruction and from the primary longing for life.

The piece is conceived as a fluctuating landscape that gradually leads the viewer towards a contemplative gaze, inviting her/him to an intimate state of personal reflection.