Clown, choreographer and performance artist


From a very young age I have been interested in artistic experimentation, generating my own language that moves between absurdity, humor and the abstract movement of dance. My fascination lies in the live stage act, in the body's ability to communicate with other bodies, to transmit something that cannot be seen with the eye or defined in words.


I'm interested in the transversality in the arts, in being able to go beyond discipline categories, types of audiences, contexts and circuits of exhibition.


I studied Fine Arts for two years and in 2007 I graduated in choreography at S.N.D.O. (School for New Dance Development) -Amsterdam-. During and after my studies, I worked as a performer in different dance, theater and performance art projects in several European countries (Holland, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland and Germany).


In 2008 I came into contact with the world of clowning through Jango Edwards and his Cabarón Cabrón. I start to create clown sketches, performing in numerous cabarets, festivals, poetry events... Although humor was already very present in my previous works, it is from this moment that clowning becomes the main axis of my artistic practice.


With the creations Hiccup for Home (2007)*, Genesis Joplin (2009)*, Lucy Live (2013)*, Handle with care (2016)* and Requiem for a landscape (2020)* I have performed in several European countries and 'Latin America. *(premiere year).


Since 2015 I have been working as a hospital clown with the NGO Pallapupas. It allows me to practice proximity, direct contact... and experience regularly the clown transformative power.


On the pedagogic field, I have been teaching dance and physical expression to children, adults and young people, in different schools like Col·legi de Teatre de Barcelona and Laboratorio escuela, among others. I also teach clown and Authentic Movement workshops for adults and teenagers.


Believing in the importance of thinking and generating artistic context, since 2010 I have been part of several independent spaces for creation and exhibition (Cabaret de Cent/Casa de Cent -Barcelona-, CRA'P - Mollet del Vallès- and currently La Vinya -Arbúcies-).